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This started as a video company back in 2012. The transitions have been endless, and many times ive thought about ending it all. just erasing this whole season from my life. this burden to want to build something for myself, for my family. i think the constant over-emphasis on what it needs to be stopped me, and i feel that happening to me again. i know there is little i can do to persuade you to like what gets put out thru this website, thru this company. all i can do is just do my best and try and keep things moving in a forward motion. i appreciate all the support. Special shoutout to Kollaboration ATL, Traktivist.com, ISA.tv, a-tunes, allKpop, and all my friends and family that want to see me do more with my creativity. Thank you God for giving me the talents to create. i love you all, and i will keep rockin as long as i can.