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joules – Rotate [remix] Featuring Jennifer Chung | Flipped by Kellen Nguyen

Currently im listening to Dilla and loathing the fact that i actually have to update this website with this new content at the moment, My typing is sloppy, and i usually like to try to be clever with what i type, but right now im so burnt out that i dont really have anything constructive to say, except that im blessed… and its hard for me to realize it at times. I have friends that shot this for me. I have people that allowed me in their homes to shoot scenes. I have a company that allows me to use their space as long as i ask permission first. i have a wife that just loves to sing and will get on any track with me. why am i complaining? why am i having such a hard time with posting up new content all the time?… it gets to me that its fuckin’ May already and in my calendar i was supposed to have my next album cut… none of it is recorded and only half of it is written. but all of these things dont mean anything, unless you have good character. be thankful for what you have. be humbled by the people that support you. numbers dont mean shit if your heart aint in the right place.

Rotate comes from a place of honesty. the lyrics represent my current state of mind. please enjoy as i have enjoyed putting this song together.