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Kato drops “Senses” Music Video!! Video produced by The Futuristic Vintage team.

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Kato approached joules as he was finishing up production on his latest EP Pathomania. joules took a liking to the Senses track and decided to move forward with the visuals.

Shout out to Scotty ATL and London Jae for coming out and killing it.

Big shout out to Ben Rollins as well. Thank you for your help on directing the video.

We all agree the video turned out great, and we hope you enjoy it as well.


vlog 1: How to Make a Hit Rap Beat.

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This kinda drags on at the end so I apologize…. but this is just a small display of our randomness while working and recording on our Tuesday night meetings. A lot of you that are studio rats know how it goes…. sometimes the hunger just happens so you gotta make a run for it B. Sometimes (more like all the time) you make bad food decisions at night so your bladder makes the runs for ya B. and then…. after fooding and after all the crazyness ends, you hear a beat and finally catch some inspiration…

The crew presents, How to Make a Hit Rap Beat.


p.s. watch out for Jarren Benton at the end.

We hope you enjoy. Peace and love.



The Futuristic Vintage Presents: Rap Cinema [episode 1]

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This started in Kato’s studio while we were going thru beats scheming on ways to bring some life into the Asian music scene in Atlanta. This is the first of many releases coming from our camp. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.






Shout outs:

@katoproducer [beats]
@84joules [DP and editing]

@polly__o and @choboi90 of [Charley’s demons]





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