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recent writtens | 1 #shookoneschallenge

By September 6, 2016Music, Vlog

Wrote this for the challenge. Honestly, I wrote a lot of versions of this verse, and struggled a bit with the transitions, but im happy with the end result. I appreciate you checking this out.

Usually the way it goes
its a bunch of I don’t knows
With a hunch of how the flow
once you overcome this obstacle
its golden

the flow can be a pot of gold
its possible to hit a high roll
or win the lotto
my motto play your cards
and never fold em

my quest levels
i rest never
to stress devils
my left pedals
my right meddles
in bass treble
my brain together
makes treasure
like 2 shells pressured
til i paint pictures
of my city
like Hense Sever

I tend to be like this
The mic my centerpiece and vice it’s
like holy water boiled with fire by scientists
to find the right mix
so when i spit theres a slight twist of identity crisis

fresh as some iced drinks
on top of bars
never flip off my light switch
no last calls
never wearing out like nice kicks
still in the ball park of
ballin or I’m falling hard
regardless my eyes fixed on

blue skies
take my chance like its the new chi
these new guys
doing it like music has her tubes tied
with bruised thighs
now on the other side
the blue line
want us shook twice like some boobs off a noose live

On the news fox
Got us looking lost
and all the new hot
Im hearing fuzz like a loose aux

Non elemental
Dead to our fathers
When I see young thugs
Wearing dresses to their barbers

This ain’t a huge shock
Its static from the roof tops
views not clear
On the changes word to 2pac

when who shot ya
the weak and the obsolete
tend to be
running these streets
now with news choppers
or its bickering beef
i can see tears running down a moms cheek

its nonsense we’re only mammals
on a long stay with consequence
on both side of the fence
like harambe